Monday, May 12, 2008

welcome to the Feskive 40

Welcome to the Feskive 40 !!

Feskive ?? Don't you mean...Festive ? Well yes...but not really.

A radio show based on John Peel's annual Festive Fifty, complications of copyright law resulting in the use of the word Feskive. That and a strange Australian sense of humour.

Basically a "Top 40" chart, but with the twist that songs are randomly chosen live to air from a barrel.

Your hosts Paul Gough & Bruce Dale each come armed to the studio with a large amount of their record collection, names of their tracks written on little bits of paper and thus the "Top 40 chart" drawn randomly, live to air, quite often from strange containers ( Paul once used a rice cooker ) ( Bruce once used one of Paul's dad's old 'sugar bags').

A totally random yet somehow fair way to make up a Top 40 chart.

Coming to you from an undisclosed location in Sydney and done - of course - in true Australian style with a giant sense of humour, a large dose of friendly rivalry between hosts, and an absolute swag of indie classics - old and new.

The boys have been doing this show on and off for over 20 years on various radio stations in Sydney and thought it was time the show and concept came screaming into Blogland....

Basically we show up to the studio not knowing what's going to be in the chart and it magically all comes together.....and have lots of fun along the way.

Totally live and a bit silly !! The way we like it. Warts and all...I personally was having a day where not only English seemed to be a 2nd language but forget trying to say "Je Suis Animal" properly...I mean I love the band but forget me saying the name properly..

Without wanting to give away the chart - you'll have to listen for that, our first show recorded freshly yesterday, features music by The Chesterfields, House Of Love, The Manhattan Love Suicides, Galaxie 500, Komon, Days, The Clean, Fad Gadget, Revolving Paint Dream, Moscow Olympics, Look Blue Go Purple, and many more - however many more make up a total of 40.

From that list you can see we brought some damn juicy indie pop in with us and lots of it came out of the barrel.

Broken into 4 parts - yours to download and hear how the mystery chart unfolds...

part 1 - Number 40-30
part 2 - Number 30-20
part 3 - Number 20-10
part 4 - Number 10-1

we'll see you for another update in around a month and we'll also dig up the archives from our radio transmissions of this show, including episode 1 - circa 1986 - yes back "in THE DAY" :)

our first show will be online later today

we've recorded our first show in this series and I'm currently encoding/uploading and all will be revealed later today !!

Friday, May 2, 2008